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Fox Cycling Protective Pads and Armour

Fox Cycling Protective Pads and Armour

Whether you are a road racer or enjoy mountain biking, Fox cycling protective pads and armour can help minimise the risk of injury when you are out riding. The Fox brand is known for producing high quality cycling sportswear aimed at the more extreme rider.

Different types of protective wear

Fox cycling protective pads and armour can be purchased individually or as complete sets, allowing you to customise your body protection as required.

Cycling pads and armour are available in styles designed to protect certain areas of the body, which are at risk from injury when riding your bicycle , mountain bike or road racing bike .

Body armour jackets provide upper body armour for the arms and torso, which is built into a standard cycling jacket . This style allows you put on complete upper body protection as easily as putting on a jacket.

Body protectors provide armoured coverage of your back and chest, while not impacting on the movement of your arms. This style can be worn under, or over cycling jackets and cycling jerseys , making them flexible for all weather conditions.

Designed to protect you

Knee, elbow and wrist pads come in a variety of styles and are designed to provide protection to specific parts of the body. These can be worn together with other protective pads or body protectors or used as individual items. This allows you to tailor your level of protection to suit your needs.

Fox cycling pads have adjustable straps, allowing you to achieve a comfortable fit which will not move or rub when you are cycling.

Made to last

Fox cycling protective pads and armour are manufactured from high strength materials, providing protection against shocks and bumps without impacting on your cycling performance. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can ride comfortably whilst still receiving maximum protection.

Fox offer protective pads and armour in designs for specific types of cycling, as well as armour suitable for all round use.