• Ton Varner Quartet

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    Style: France & BelgiumGenre: Jazz
  • Tom Varner - Motion/Stillness

    His amusing "Neutron Bomb Shuffle" is described by its composer to liner note writer Nat Hentoff as "the skeletons and cockroaches dancing in a chorus line after the bomb hits.". ~ Ken Dryden. Tom Varner - Subway Awakening 11:22.
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    From GermanyStyle: France & BelgiumGenre: Jazz
  • VARNER QUARTET - Tom Varner Quartet

    Tom Varner turned heads and opened eyes on the jazz scene in the early '80s. There weren't, and still aren't, many French horn players who improvise and play with the facility he demonstrated on this 1980 session.
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    From GermanyStyle: France & BelgiumGenre: Jazz

    Artist: TOM VARNER QUARTET. Format: CD. Condition: New. Further Details.
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