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Fujifilm Memory Cards for Cameras

Fujifilm Memory Cards for Cameras

Fujifilm are a world leading brand of digital camera. With an extensive range of Fujifilm memory cards for cameras available to choose from, youre sure to find a card to fit your camera with the right amount of storage for your needs.

Check the make and model of your particular Fujifilm digital camera to ensure you choose the right memory card.

SD Cards

SD - or Secure Digital - memory cards are the most common type of camera memory card available and fit most makes and models of digital camera .

Micro SD Cards

Often found in mobile phones, micro SD cards are a smaller version of SD cards and hold up to about 2GB. A small number of Fujifilm digital cameras take this type of card. An SD adapter can be used so that this type of card can be used in an SD compatible Fujifilm camera.

SDHC Cards

Secure Digital High Capacity cards are a great choice if you need to store a high volume of photos. Essentially this is an SD card but with a high capacity. Youll be able to fit an SDHC card in your camera but you need to check that your Fujifilm camera is compatible as this is a newer type of technology.

SDXC Cards

As well as storing a high volume of photos, Secure Digital eXtended Capacity cards also process images quicker for upload. You can purchase these cards with up to 2TB of storage. As with SDHC, youll need to check they are compatible with your Fujifilm camera.

XD Picture Cards

If you have an older Fujifilm digital camera, xD-picture cards may be the best choice of memory card for you. Standing for eXtreme Digital, these memory cards are still available for older cameras but are not used in any cameras still in production.