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G-Star Mens Shorts

Since the creation of G-Star in 1989, their philosophy has been based around being Just the Product, and the range of G-Star mens shorts available are just that.

G-Star go above and beyond with their new releases by fusing high-level craftsmanship with street level edge, whilst using architectural and 3D thinking to help with their denim construction.

Different styles and designs

Combining the G-Star cargo or combat shorts with a crisp white t-shirt offers a distinctive relaxed look. Cargo and combat shorts are ideal for casual occasions, though with their relaxed waistband, long rise and loose thigh, this level of movement and comfort make them ideal weekend shorts. They are available in a range of colours and prints from khaki to camouflage.

Another option is Denim, these shorts and are a material that is designed to move, an adjustable waistband and smart, panelled construction, G-Star denim shorts are skilfully finished. The denim shorts are available in a tapered finish to provide a more fitted look. Available in dark navy, bleached and distressed looks.

For a slightly smarter look mens G-Star chinos and khakis are available and are often found in green and cream colours and work perfect for both casual events and those that require you to be more dressy. Available in different fits including the popular low tapered style, they allow the wearer to choose a fashionable or classy outfit finish.

Whether youre walking along the beach or slipping off your flip-flops to have a dip in the pool, G-Star mens swim shorts are ideal for those hot sunny days and are available in a range of colours and patterns.

Alternatively G-Star gym shorts perfect for going to the gym and working out, jogging around the park or kicking back and relaxing at home, the G-Star gym shorts provide optimum comfort with their soft cotton material.