Garage Equipment & Tools

Whether you're an amateur motor enthusiast or a professional technician, you'll need the right tools and equipment when you're taking a look under the bonnet, or anywhere else around a vehicle. Luckily, there's a huge range of garage equipment and tools to be found. So no matter if you're looking for a certain spanner or a specific set of nuts and bolts you'll be sure to find it.

Hand tools

No garage is complete without a solid set of hand tools to rely on, from spanners to screwdrivers, ratchets to pliers, you can find all of these to restock your toolbox. If you're looking to build up your collection of tools from scratch, you might like to choose one of the many sets on offer, for example, spanners in a range of sizes. The advantage of this is that you'll have all of the tools you need without having to buy many things separately.

If you're just looking to replace one item, choose an individual tool rather than a set. There is a hand tool for just about every situation, ranging from the relatively complex such as camber scales to the humble hammer for knocking things into place.

Electrical equipment and tools

Sometimes you need something a little more technical to do the job and you'll find a wide range of electrical equipment to help you diagnose faults. No matter what the problem you can find a tool to help you diagnose and fix it, such as code readers to explain what's going on in the engine and emissions analysers are just two examples.


Having a fantastic selection of tools and equipment is great, but you'll need somewhere to store it all too. You can find a variety of storage options, ranging from tool chests for large items and smaller tool boxes to stow your hand tools safely. For all the fiddly bits such as nuts and bolts why not pick up a wall organiser? The smalls containers attach to the wall or a shelf keeping small items in one place and less likely to get lost.