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Garmin Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin Fitness Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin fitness heart rate monitors provide a great way to track your heart rate during a workout and can help you to improve your fitness. Garmin produce several different types of heart rate monitor , enabling you to find one which is suitable for your needs.

Types of heart rate monitors

Garmin produce strap style fitness heart rate monitors which are worn around your chest during exercise t to send real time information electronically to a compatible mobile device.

Strap style heart rate monitors are made from soft fabric and flexible plastic which is comfortable to wear and will not irritate the skin. The strap is adjustable, enabling you to fit it comfortably to your body no matter what your size.

Garmin cardio heart rate watches feature a digital display allowing you to view your heartrate statistics in real time. There are also many other features which can be included such as GPS tracking, lap time functions and saved workout histories.

Garmin produce a wide selection of fitness watches with many different features. This makes it easy to find a Garmin fitness watch which best suits your requirements.

Garmin fitness heart rate monitors can be used for many different sporting and everyday activities. This makes it easy to track your fitness and improve your performance across a range of disciplines using the same heart rate monitoring equipment.

Garmin heart rate monitors are manufactured to be sweat and water resistant, ensuring that they are long lasting and can survive the stresses of the most intense workout.

Strap style monitors can be washed by hand to ensure they remain fresh and watch style monitors can be wiped or cleaned with household cleaning products.

Garmin fitness heart rate monitors are available with a wide variety of features, which make it easy to find a one which suits your needs.