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Garrett Ace 250

Make the Most of Treasure-Seeking Trips with the Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

This metal detector incorporates Garretts patented, twelve segment discrimination feature, so you can determine which finds are trash with ease. Part of the American brands Ace series, its user-friendly and packed with functions, making it ideal for budget-conscious detectorists and hobbyists. Whether youre looking for a new or used product, youll find an affordable Garrett Ace 250 on eBay.

What are the benefits of the Ace 250?

The Garrett Ace 250 is versatile, boasting five search modes, so you can use a custom setting, or one thats appropriate for detecting jewellery, coins, relics, or all metals. You can also avoid unnecessary digging by utilising its pinpointing technology to improve the accuracy of your results. Whats more, this battery-operated detector is practical. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, it has a conveniently adjustable arm cuff and its hand grip is padded for comfort. Comprising three pieces, it can be taken apart quickly and easily, so transporting and storing it will be fuss-free.

What additional features does the Garrett Ace 250 have?

The Ace 250s other key specifications include:

  • A simple to use control panel: The detectors generously-sized LCD screen is clear and easy to read, and includes target identification cursors, a battery life monitor and a four-level coin depth indicator. Its buttons can be activated with a single touch.
  • Eight sensitivity settings: These enable you to make the detector more or less sensitive to suit depth and interference levels.
  • Three audio tones: Different sounds are emitted depending on the conductivity level of the material discovered, simplifying the identification process.
  • A standard PROformance Searchcoil: The coil is submersible, so it will function when its swept through shallow water, and is interchangeable with a number of other PROformance models. Each coil may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.
  • An adjustable stem: You can alter the detectors stem length by pressing a button.
Where can you use the Garrett Ace 250?

It will work on surfaces covered with sand, grass or loose gravel. Therefore, you can use it in your garden or even take it to any public beach on which metal detecting is allowed. Keep it parallel to the ground, about an inch above the surface, for optimum results.

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