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Garrett Metal Detectors

There is a Garrett Metal Detector for Every Intent and Purpose

Being a well-known name in the metal detector industry, Garrett has been making quality and reasonably priced metal detectors for a long time. A Garrett metal detector can operate at high frequencies, and they are suitable for use in a variety of different environments and conditions, including saltwater. In addition, Garrett metal detectors feature an iron discrimination that can help identify different types of detected metals. You can find a wide variety of Garrett metal detectors on eBay.

How is the interface like on a Garret metal detector?

Garrett keeps its interface easy-to-understand and user-friendly, but not at the expense of losing key functions. They feature large, customisable buttons that beginners will appreciate.

What are some Garrett metal detector features?

Garretts metal detectors provide both hobbyists and professional users with precise metal detection. This precision can be attributed to:

  • Coil size: Even though the company’s coil technology has evolved over the years, the sizes of their coils have remained the same. In addition, since weight doesnt transfer to specific spots, they have a well-balanced size-to-coverage ratio.
  • Power: Most Garrett metal detectors come with four AA batteries and feature built-in power-saving features. As soon as the detector is turned, the power-saving features automatically activate to minimise power usage.
  • Durability: Garrett metal detectors are designed for use in jungles, military operations, and other rough environments.
What is a submersible search coil?

A submersible search coil is a feature thats popular amongst users who enjoy searching in wet environments, such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and shorelines. The feature allows you to utilise several additional terrain options which arent usually found on standard metal detectors.

What extras come with a Garrett metal detector?

Although accessories can vary depending on the metal detector package you choose, here are some basic extras that you can expect:

  • Batteries: Rebranded, fully compatible batteries that will last you a good amount of time.
  • Coil covers: These basic, yet essential, accessories help safeguard components in your metal detector.
  • Headphones: Headphones that come with a Garrett metal detector can be used daily without problems. High-specification Garret headphones can rival the sound quality of many branded headphones.
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