George V Half-Penny Coins (1910-1936)

George V Half-Penny Coins (1910-1936)

The George V half-penny is a pre-decimal coin that was the equivalent to 1/480th of a British pound. Often referred to as a “hapenny”, the George V half-penny was legal tender between 1911 and 1936 and was the value of half a pre-decimal George V penny.

The Characteristics of a George V Half-Penny

The George V half-penny features a left-facing portrait of George V on one side and was the last mintage to feature the seated figure of Britannia on the reverse. Britannia is the British national symbol of valour, virtue and integrity and the engraving by Leonard Charles Wyon took many forms throughout the years.

The coin also bears the inscription “GEORGIVS V DEI GRA BRITT OMN REX FID DEF IND IMP”, which means “George V by the Grace of God King of all the Britons, Defender of the Faith and Emperor of India”.

Like several other coins minted during King George Vs reign, this small denomination coin is highly collectable. Youll find hundreds of options to choose from in varying conditions. Typically the more well preserved a coin is the more sought after it will be and coins that havent been through circulation will be among the most highly regarded.

Job lots and collections are available, where you can select George V half-pennies from various years, or as part of coin year sets. In addition to sets and job lots, you can also buy George V half-penny coins individually.

Early issue George V half-pennies are among the rarest with coins from between 1911 and 1913 the hardest to find. George V half-pennies from the later 1910s, 1920s and early 1930s are more commonplace. The George V half-penny is minted in bronze and weighs 5.76g and measures 25.48mm.