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Gibson semi-hollow electric guitars for every player

Gibson is world renowned guitar brand, with artists from Slash and Elvis Presley to Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan performing with Gibson guitars at some point in their careers. 

Well known for their rich and distinctive tones and rock 'n' roll aesthetics, Gibson semi-hollow electric guitars are the perfect hybrid of acoustic and electric. Semi-hollow electric guitars are highly versatile instruments and you can use them to play music from a range of genres including jazz, blues, rockabilly and country. 

The history of the Gibson semi-hollow electric guitar

The first semi-hollow electric guitar was introduced by Gibson in the 1950s and was called the Gibson ES-335. The ES-335 was the first electric guitar that could be played at volume without developing feedback resistance, and it's believed that Chuck Berry was among the first to play it, featuring it in his hit record 'Johnny B Goode'. 

These Gibson electric guitars are typically made from maple and closely resemble an archtop hollow body. They have hollow wings and a solid block of wood running down the middle, enabling them to be wired and amplified. As they're not solid the whole way through, Gibson semi-hollow electric guitars are lightweight and easy to hold which makes them popular with performers. 

Choosing a Gibson semi-hollow electric guitar

You'll find dozens of used and new Gibson semi-hollow electric guitars to choose from including vintage models created in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Take your pick from a range of Gibson's most iconic guitars including the ES-335 Dot, ES-350, ES-347, and a wide variety of Les Pauls, named after jazz guitarist Les Paul. 

Because of the wide choice on offer, you'll find a range of body colours to choose from including classic black, red, blue, white and sunburst. The majority of Gibson semi-hollow electric guitars are full size with six strings and a choice between left and right-handed styles.