Glass Paperweights

Glass paperweights can be highly collectable items due to their complex designs and highly decorative nature. While they are practical and can be used to help keep papers tidy, their primary function is to add something beautiful to a desk or workspace.

These small solid objects are made from crystal and make fantastic gifts for friends and family. Glass paperweights are recognisable by their domed top and are filled with a range of intricate and colourful natural designs such as bouquets of flowers, birds and insects. They typically measure between 2½ and 3¼ inches, although smaller miniature and larger magnum options are available.

Glass paperweights became popular in the mid-nineteenth century and continue to be widely produced today. Youll find a wide selection of new and used glass paperweights grouped by the period in which they were made. Choose from Pre-1840, Victorian, art deco, modern designs and more. Customisable options are also available, letting you commemorate a special occasion with personalised engravings.

Depending on the style you prefer, its possible to find glass paperweights manufactured in a range of countries including the UK, America, Italy, France, Malta, Germany and Egypt to name a few. Whether youd like blown glass, amethyst, pressed glass or stained glass to feature in your paperweight, youll find thousands to choose from in blue, green, pink, purple, red and clear colours. Here are two of the most popular types.

Millefiori Paperweights

Meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian, Millefiori designs typically feature lots of miniature flowers. Theyre made from numerous coloured canes that are either packed closely together, scattered, patterned, or placed in concentric circles.

Lampwork Paperweights

This type of glass paperweight features intricate natural designs and motifs made by melting coloured glass rods and shaping them. Youll find abstract impressions of butterflies, flowers, snakes and fruits among other depictions.