Glitter Lipsticks

Glitter Lipsticks

A bold and fun look that is perfect for evenings, glitter lipsticks are completely on trend, and have been spotted on many celebrities and catwalks. From a subtle shimmer to bold opaque glitter, metallic make up looks are a going out essential.

Not just for celebrities and beauty bloggers, glitter lips are ideal for showing off a fun personality and adding sparkle to any look. The mesmerising crystal lip look is great with cat eye winged flicks.


Giving new meaning to a sparkling smile, glitter lipsticks and glitter liquid lipsticks are highly pigmented lipsticks that are infused with glitter for a bold sparkle finish. The shimmer finish is comfortable to wear and long lasting.

For a more subtle, gleaming lip look, choose a pink tone colour that is packed with a touch of shimmer for a plump, shining pout.

If you want to go all out, opt for vampy reds, bold blues and blacks or even greens. Glitter away with a classic gold shade that brought the trend into fashion.

To try out the look, opt for unbranded or high street brands or to go all out on the glitter with premium and high-end make up brands. Most major make up labels are all on board with the glitter lip trend.

Slick on a non smudge glitter lipstick for an all out party pout that is social media ready

Glitter gloss

For an easy glitter look that will perfectly pair with any lipsticks , choose a glitter gloss or top coat to swipe over your lips after applying your usual lipstick. Layer lips to keep your make up looking up to date and bring shine to any smile.

A top coat can add a simple shimmer finish to your lips and can be chosen in subtle through to bold styles for easy glitter lips. Cosmetic grade glitter applies easily with a brush over dry lipstick to add sparkle to any look.