Glove Liner Cycling Gloves and Mitts

Glove Liner Cycling Gloves and Mitts

When cycling in cold weather conditions add extra insulation with glove liner cycling gloves and mitts. They are ideal for providing an extra layer of warmth if your hands feel the chill.

Types of Glove Liners

Popular glove liners for cycling gloves and mitts are made from close fitting thermal materials and add both warmth and wicking properties. Thin and light, they add insulation and help to regulate your hand temperature inside your gloves. These types of glove liners are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Silk glove liners are a natural lightweight liner providing thermal protection and moisture management.

Merino wool glove liners are equally popular though a touch heavier than silk liners. They are extremely warm yet also breathable.

Benefits of Glove Liners

Glove liners for cycling gloves and mitts are great to have if your current gloves are not warm enough for the weather you are riding in. Wearing glove liners will provide an extra layer, and therefore add warmth to your hands.

They also remove the need for owning multiple cycling gloves and mitts . Easy to wear and economical, they avoid the need for having more than one pair of gloves. Morning and evening may be much cooler than the day, particularly in early spring and autumn, so the use of a glove liner extends the use of your regular cycling gloves or mitts.

Glove liners are very lightweight, thin and close fitting. They allow your fingers to have the same dexterity of movement you have just wearing cycling gloves and mitts. They help to keep your hands dry as well in wet weather.

Overall, glove liners for cycling gloves and mitts allow you to have greater flexibility on your bike. They give you added protection, but they also allow you to remove your outer gloves or mitts when going for a long climb. They also keep your hands warm whilst preventing overheating and sweating.