Golf Club Bags

Golf club bags keep all of your essentials together when playing a round of golf, perfect for storing golf clubs, balls and any other extras you may need. Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of golf club bags from cart, stand to carry bags from leading brands such as Titleist, Ping and TaylorMade.

Staff Bags

Staff bags are considered to be top of the range. Staff bags are usually used by the pros and they often display a brand logo. They have a lot of room and are more suited to those who have a large collection. The weight of the bag tends to be around 10 pounds but what they lack in lightness they make up with plenty of storage space. They are usually very durable and they have the ability to withstand years of use.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are smaller than staff bags. Cart bags are designed to be carried on a riding cart or even a pushcart. They are not the best option for you if you plan to walk around the course or carry the bag on your back. They tend to weigh around 6 pounds and they can give you access to all of the pockets while they are attached to the cart as well. A lot of cart bags also come with rubber bases so they don't slip off the cart, even when it's raining.

Stand Bags

Stand bags feature a unique design when compared to other styles of golf bag. They feature two retractable legs that, when pulled out, give you quick and easy access to the pockets. Other stand bags come with a backpack strap and to help distribute the weight more evenly. Some also feature padding on the back and along the hip section to helps with stopping the bag from rubbing or digging in while being transported.