Getting to Know the GPA76 Battery

A single-use, 1.5-volt, alkaline coin cell, the GPA76 is a very common battery type thats used in a wide range of small electronic devices. If youre looking for some of these very popular batteries, eBay has a wide range of them. Theyre always available from eBay battery sellers, and theyre sold at very competitive prices, too.

Which brand are GPA76 batteries?

Many of the well-known, big-name battery brands produce the GPA76 coin cell battery, including GP Batteries, Duracell, Maxell, and others. However, some brands prefer to use other letter-number combinations for marketing purposes. The official designation of the battery given by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is L1154, but youll also see it sold as LR44, A76 or AG13. Theyre all the same battery type produced by various manufacturers, and most companies also include the equivalent numbers on their packaging to avoid confusion among customers.

In which electronic devices is the GPA76 coin cell battery commonly used?

The GPA76 coin cell battery is found in a wide range of small electronic devices, including watches, alarm clocks, pocket calculators, digital thermometers, remote control units, LED flashlights, and much more. Device manufacturers often supply the GPA76 with their devices as they know they can depend on it to perform well.

What benefits does the GPA76 alkaline coin cell battery offer users?

Due to its alkaline chemistry as well as its compact size, the GPA76 offers several benefits to users, such as:

  • Continuous power: The GPA76 battery is especially good at providing continuous and stable power supply over long periods to compatible, low-drain electronic devices, such as clocks and watches.
  • Value for money: The GPA76 is a relatively inexpensive battery considering its high-energy density.
  • Small and light: The GPA76 battery is small and light, so it doesnt add bulk to devices.
  • Low self-discharge: It makes a very useful spare because the low self-discharge rate of a GPA76 alkaline battery ensures it will retain most of its charge if left unused and sealed in its blister-pack packaging for several years. Buy some extra GPA76 coin cells and youll always have a power backup for any of your GPA76-compatible devices when needed.
  • Easily obtained: Manufactured in huge numbers, GPA76 batteries are very easy to get hold of, especially via eBay, where the range available will leave you spoilt for choice.