Grand & Baby Grand Pianos

Grand Pianos

The grand piano is one of the most prestigious instruments in the world. Not only does it produce incredible sound but it also looks striking. Grand pianos are available from a variety of different brands including Bechstein, Yamaha and Steinway and Sons.

Petite Grand

This is the smallest of the grand pianos. Petite grand pianos are very powerful and are ideal for those who want a grand piano without having to worry about how much space it is going to take up. They are around 4ft to 5ft in length and are a very popular choice due to their affordability, sound quality and aesthetic appeal.

Medium Grand

The Medium grand piano is larger than the petite. It offers a superior sound quality and the larger design helps the sound to carry across huge distances.


The Parlour grand piano is around 6ft in length and it is also called a living room grand piano. This is mainly because it is very popular with those who already play the piano, but want something that will easily fit in their home. It is a middle ground choice when you compare the quality with the affordability.


The Semiconcert piano is around 7ft in length and it is the next step up from the Parlour piano. It is more suited to concerts, shows and more professional purposes. This is mostly down to the projectability of the sound and the size of the piano in general.

Concert Grand

The Concert piano is around 9ft in length and it is the largest piano out of the grand family. It is incredibly robust with the best sound quality. It uses high quality materials, including solid wood, which helps to keep the sound mellow as it resonates throughout the room. It is also known for creating crisp highs with plenty of treble.