Great Britain George VI Stamps

Stamps have always been a popular collectible item and here you can shop for stamps produced between 1936 and 1952 during the reign of King George VI. You can narrow your search by quality, or by denomination.

Shop by Quality

The choices here are Mint Hinged, Mint Never Hinged and Used. Hinging is the process of attaching stamps in a collector's book; sometimes the hinge used can disturb the gum on the rear of the stamp. Mint Hinged refers to stamps that have been hinged but remain in excellent condition, Mint Never Hinged are stamps that have not been used or attached in a book and used stamps are those that have been attached to a letter or posted document.

Shop by Denomination

Denomination refers to the amount of postage that the stamp pays for and the options in this category range from 1d (a pre-decimal penny worth 1/240 of a pound sterling) to over £1.


Most of the stamps during this period were brown or blue and the standard issues depict a left-facing bust of George VI surrounded by either crowns and thistles, or the lion and the unicorn - but there are plenty of variations for collectors to look out for. Commemorative stamps were printed on 12 May 1937, celebrating the coronation of George VI; there are WWII German Propaganda Stamps in violet and green; centenary stamps from 1940 in a range of colours including orange and red and Silver Wedding stamps showing the dates 1923-1948 celebrating George Vis Silver Wedding Anniversary and showing right-facing busts of George VI and his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother of Elizabeth II.

Slogan Stamps

Slogan stamps are popular collectibles and there were around 55 slogans in use during the reign of George VI. Many of these reflected the austerity of the war era and you may find stamps bearing slogans such as 'Grow more food; dig for Victory' and 'Help to win on the kitchen front'.