Great Britain Victoria Embossed Stamps

Rare and interesting Great Britain Victoria embossed stamps

Add something new to your stamp collection with a Great Britain Victoria embossed stamp from this range. Pick up one of these historical stamps for an unusual addition to your collection, or look out for a full set to take pride of place in your album. 

A new approach

During the reign of Queen Victoria, embossed stamps were issued for overseas postage. This new method of stamp production used a raised and recessed design featuring the profile of Queen Victoria, and was the first time this production method was used. 

As the printing process was so time-consuming and only one stamp could be printed at a time, these Great Britain Victoria stamps were short-lived, making them an exceptional collectors item today. 

Colours and features

In 1847, Victoria embossed stamps costing 1 Shilling were issued to cover the cost of postage to America. These stamps are green in colour, and have an octagonal shape. The next embossed stamps to be issued were the brown 10d stamps in 1848, used for heavy inland letters and to post to France and other British Colonies. Finally, in 1854, the cheapest 6d embossed stamps were issued, in a mauve or lilac colourway. 

Each of the dies used to make each type of these Great Britain stamps were cut from a master die, with the small curl at the back of Queen Victorias head being added in after, making the curl slightly different on each. This is a really interesting detail, which makes these embossed stamps a real conversation piece when showing off your collection. 

Cuts and shapes

Youll find many Victoria embossed stamps that have been cut out entirely, as well as some cut in a square shape with more of a margin. These square cut stamps are much rarer than the others, especially if they have a wide margin around them, so theyre really something to look out for.