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Green Fob and Nurse Watches

Brighten up your uniform, tunic or scrubs with fun green fob and nurse watches. Who says nurses cant have some fun and still look and act professional?

A variety of fun designs will add some colour to your day, as well as cheering up your patients. Buy a few and swap your fob watch daily, choosing one that suits your mood or the ward or clinic where you happen to be working that day.

Opt for flowery, patterned or cute smiley face designs for days when youre working on paediatric wards. Your young patients - and many older ones - will love them and want to know all about them. Brighten dull days with leopard print or striped designs. There are plenty of patterns, shapes and colours to choose from.

Steel, silicone, rubber and plastic fob watches

Classic stainless steel fob watches are great, but there are times when we all fancy something different. Choose a silicone fob watch , or a design made from rubber or plastic in a variety of patterns and designs, all in assorted shades of green.

Alternatively opt for a stainless steel watch with a difference. There are fob and nurse watches decorated with coloured hearts, butterflies and even dolphins. Imagine the look on your younger patients faces when they see you wearing something like that.

Youll find all those features that every nurse needs while theyre on duty, from a pin to attach your watch to your uniform, a third hand for timing and, of course, that all-important upside down face. Most fob watches are battery powered too.

The majority of green fob and nurse watches are water or splash proof, so they wont let you down when things get messy. Many also have tough cases to cope with all those bumps and knocks that are all part of the job.