Protective guitar and bass cases and bags

Get your guitar to the gig in one piece with a guitar or bass case or bag. Keeping your instrument in good condition is important to every musician, and therefore when you are on the move a good case is essential. 

Guitar cases and bags are available for all shapes and sizes of guitar and can be hard or soft. Generally, bags are soft and padded, and cases are hardened with foam interiors. Here on eBay, you can find bags and cases to fit a range of different guitars from electric, classical to acoustic guitars

Soft Guitar Bags

Soft guitar bags are produced by most major guitar and music equipment companies such as TGI, Rio, and Stagg. A typical soft bag will protect your guitar with a combination of material and plastic padding. Most soft guitar bags are black but you can also find brightly colour cases to protect your guitar in style. 

Guitar bags often come with shoulder straps making them highly transportable, as well as pockets and sleeves for music, spare strings, and tuners. Although likely to protect your instrument from most bumps and scrapes, it should be noted that a soft bag will not protect your guitar from humidity or significant temperature change, which is of particular importance when flying. 

Hard Guitar Cases

Most guitar cases consist of a hardened plastic shell, lined with protective foam interior. A hard guitar case will protect your instrument from almost any bump and will provide your guitar with extra protection when flying. 

Hard guitar cases offer a higher level of protection, but they are heavier than bags, and very rarely come with a shoulder strap making them less easy to carry. A hard case is a must-have for any musician who travels regularly to gigs at home or abroad.