Store your equipment safely with Guitar and bass stands and hangers

For all the rock n roll images of bands smashing guitars into amps on stage, most guitarists are very protective of their equipment, both on stage and at home. Guitars are not cheap and so they need to be protected from the rough and tumble of the rock n roll life. On eBay, you'll find a wide range of guitar and bass stands and hangers that will keep your treasured musical instruments out of the way and safe from damage. 

Wall mounted guitar and bass stands and hangers

The simplest style of guitar and bass stands and hangers is the wall-mounted hanger. These fit around the neck and hold the guitar by its head. You can find wall-mounted guitar hangers in plain or padded metal, as well as in a range of decorative styles, such as wood. Some of the smarter guitar and bass accessories will also have a clip-on arm that holds the guitar in place and stops it from being knocked off the hook. 

Freestanding guitar and bass stands and hangers

If you move your guitar around a lot, then you may be better choosing a freestanding guitar and bass stand, rather than a fixed wall hanger. These stands can usually be folded away for storage when not in use, or for easy transport to gigs. An acoustic guitar stand is ideal on stage too, if you use more than one guitar in your performance, keeping all your instruments safe while making changes quick and easy. 

Multiple guitar and bass stands

If you have more than one guitar to protect, then it is well worth choosing a multiple guitar and bass stand, which can protect and store several guitars at a time. These stands save space at home, keeping your all guitars neat, tidy and safe in one place.