Enhance your playing experience with guitar and bass straps

There is a fantastic range of guitar and bass straps available, catering to all musical levels and tastes. You will be sure to find your new strap, whether you are looking for your first strap for your Fender Squier, or else the vintage black leather strap that you can trust to hold firm whilst you are shredding another awesome solo. 


You do not want your guitar strap to break mid set. Thankfully most modern straps are fairly durable. You should be able to rely on most major brands to provide you with a strap that should last you show after show, year after year. 

After durability, the practicality of a strap is a matter of preference. If you are a beginner you may wish to buy something lightweight that will allow you plenty of freedom. A light strap does not necessarily mean that it will sacrifice any durability, as heaviness tends to be a matter of style rather than substance. 


Ultimately, choosing a strap for your guitar or bass is a matter of taste. You may wish to represent the logo of a classic brand such as Fender or Gibson, or else customise the strap yourself with badges, patches, or whatever else takes your fancy. 

Remember that your strap will be part of your image. Therefore, if you plan to be the lead guitarist in a metal band look for something dark and leather or match the strap to the style of your band. 

Straps for electric, bass and acoustic guitars

If you are buying your first strap, remember to check that the design is right for your guitar. Whether you are after electric guitar straps, acoustic guitar straps or a strap for your bass guitar, make sure you choose the right strap in order to improve your playing experience.