Get Healthy With Gym Training and Strength Training Weights

Strength training increases muscle mass and bone density while bodybuilding. Strength or resistance training uses your own body weight, resistance tubing, or free weights. Gym equipment weights are great resistance tools because they come in different sizes, are small, are easy to store, and can be effective for weight loss.

What is some of the best gym equipment for weight loss and toning?

Free weights are some of the best gym equipment for weight loss, and they are also great for toning your muscles. Types of affordable free weights that you can find on eBay include:

  • Dumbbells - These are hand-held weights that have a straight bar in the middle with fixed equal weights on the ends.
  • Kettlebells - These are round, weighted balls that have an enclosed handle grip on one side. They are used with swinging arm motions.
  • Barbells - These bars have removable weights on the ends. You can use barbells either in standing and squatting exercises or while lying on a bench.
  • EZ-bars - Essentially the same as barbells, these have curves in the bars for a different grip.
  • Sandbells - Functioning like a cross between a dumbbell and a kettlebell, these are single, weighted bags filled with sand, which results in a flexible weight.
How resistance training builds muscles

Resistance training increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against a weight or force. Your muscles gain in size when you use weightlifting gym equipment repeatedly to pull and push. By adding weight with gym equipment to these muscle movements, the muscles work harder and contract and expand more. The more mass you add to your muscles, the stronger they become, hence the term "strength training".

What kinds of exercises can you do with weights and gym equipment?

The new, used, and pre-owned gym equipment weights you can buy on eBay are good for exercises like these:

  • Biceps curl - This exercise involves bending your arm up and down at the elbow repeatedly while standing.
  • Upright row - You accomplish this by raising your elbows as high as they can go in a horizontal motion, resulting in the elbows being slightly higher than the hands, which are positioned in front of the chest.
  • Shoulder press - You do a shoulder press by raising your hands until the arm is totally straight above your head.
  • Lying fly - For a lying fly, lie on a bench and raise your arms until they are totally straight above your chest, beginning with a curved position at the elbows.
  • Triceps kickback - This exercise involves bending over slightly from the waist and moving your arms backward behind you, bending your elbow up and down.