Frequently Asked Questions About Freesat HD Boxes

Satellite TV receivers and Freesat HD boxes offer a wide selection of channels from across the world in high definition. If you are searching for a British satellite HD receiver, then eBay can help you find new and secondhand Freesat HD boxes without much hassle.

How do you choose the right Freesat HD box?

Satellite TV receivers and Freesat HD boxes may come with a variety of different features. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • Satellite TV channels: The number of channels you can access depends on which set top box you purchase. Some boxes will only give you access to basic channels, while others may give you access to premium channels.
  • DVR capabilities: DVR, which stands for digital video recorder, allows you to record, rewind, and pause live TV. Only certain set top boxes may have DVR capabilities built in.
  • Number of tuners: If your satellite receiver has multiple tuners instead of just one, then you can watch or record more than one channel at once. This can be used for the picture-in-picture format in which one channel appears in the corner of another. Or if you own a DVR, then you can record one programme while watching another.
  • Storage capacity: If you are purchasing a satellite receiver with DVR capabilities, then you will also need to choose which storage capacity you want. The storage capacity will typically vary between a few hundred gigabytes to two terabytes. If you're recording a lot of high-definition video, then you may want to choose the larger hard drive.
  • On demand video: On demand video gives you instant access to certain video content whenever you want, including from BBC, ITV, and other services.
  • Internet connectivity: Some step top boxes allow you to connect to the Internet through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, so you can access online and streaming content directly from your television set.
Do you need a subscription to use Freesat HD boxes?

That depends on the service. You should not need a subscription to receive basic free channels. However, if you want to access premium satellite TV stations, such as the Sky UK package, then you will need a subscription to the service. You will also need a satellite dish to receive the television signal.

Can you get 3D channels through satellite?

Yes, but you will need some specialised equipment, including a 3D-enabled television, a 3D-compatible set top box, 3D cables, and 3D glasses, if applicable. Then you will need to have access to 3D satellite through certain services.

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