HF Ham Radio Transceivers

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing HF Ham and Amateur Radio Transceivers

The right HF transceiver makes a big difference in your ham radio operations. The HF transceivers offer a variety of operation modes and features. On eBay, you can find new and used HF transceivers made by different manufacturers.

What are some of the features of an HF transceiver?

Some of the features of an affordable HF transceiver on eBay include:

  • Digital display - This shows you the mode of operation and channel in a digital format.
  • Microphone - There may be a port to plug in a microphone.
  • Manual controls - The HF transceivers offer manual controls for different operations, functions, power, and volume.
  • Light indicators - The current function or mode of operation is identified with a glowing light.
  • Antenna - The transceiver has its own antenna built in, and it may have a port for the use of an additional antenna.
What are the available types of HF transceivers on eBay?

The available types of HF transceivers include:

  • Base station - These large units draw a lot of power and transmit over a distance of hundreds to thousands of miles.
  • Mobile and in-vehicle - These units are designed to move around while they transmit and receive messages. They use a medium amount of power and connect to a vehicles battery. They transmit over tens to hundreds of miles.
  • Portable and handheld - These units transmit over a distance of up to 5 miles. They use a small battery for power.
What modes or bands do HF transceivers transmit and receive?

The available modes for the HF transceivers include amplitude modulated, frequency modulated, QRP, SSB, and continuous wave. The QRP refers to the low power of five watts or less. SSB refers to single sideband, which is also a low power transceiver that uses five watts of power or less for its operation. Some of the HF transceivers may offer digital modulation for some of the functions.

How do you choose an affordable HF transceiver on eBay?

When searching for an affordable HF transceiver on eBay, consider the following features:

  • Portability - Some units are designed to be moved around, while others are installed or fixed in place.
  • Band plan - The options range from 23 centimeters to 160 metres.
  • Brand - Some of the options include Alinco, Drake, Heathkit, Icom, Kenwood, TEN-TEC, and Yaesu. There are also unbranded units available.
  • Condition - There are new, manufacturers refurbished, used, and parts-only units available.