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HI-TEC Men's Boots

Hi-Tec Mens Boots

Hi-Tec mens boots are high quality footwear, designed for walking and hiking. They are lightweight and waterproof and are designed to be comfortable when used on different terrains.

Choosing the right boots

For general light terrain walking or hiking over hills and rocky terrain, the foot needs more support. Hi Tec mens walking boots lace up over the ankle to give support on hard terrain, but are also flexible to allow the foot to move.

Hi-Tec mens snow boots are longer and dont lace up, as this helps keep them waterproof in deep snow.

Hi-Tec mens work boots are designed to last for an active work day, but also protect your feet with waterproof and toe cap features.


When choosing the right size, always remember that if you are hiking or in snow you will probably be wearing thick socks. Allow space for these so that your boots are not too tight.

Before embarking on a long walk, break the boots in gradually until they are worn in. If you do not they will rub and cause blisters

Choice of uppers

Hi-Tec mens boots are available with a choice of 4 uppers:

Leather uppers are flexible and waterproof. They mould to the shape of the foot, providing the support needed on a long walk. Leather also allows the foot to breathe which adds extra comfort.

Textile uppers can include any fabric. They provide flexibility with patterns and colours. Not all textiles will be waterproof, so its important to check if you need a reliable outdoor boot.

Synthetic uppers are manufactured and can include faux leather, rubber and blends. They maintain their shape and are often sturdier than textiles. They may not be quite as comfortable as leather, but they can be waterproof and long lasting.

Suede is a variety of leather with a soft finish. Softer and not as durable as leather, suede uppers are comfortable to wear and allow your feet to breathe.

The Hi-Tec brand

Hi-Tec Sports was founded in 1974. Their footwear is worn by many professional sports players, which has led to it receiving many endorsements and has become a popular brand with both amateurs and professionals alike.