HO Gauge Model Railways & Trains

HO gauge model railways and trains

The HO scale is a rail transport model scale of 1:87, 3.5 mm to 1ft. Its the most well-used model railway scale on the planet. The rails are spaced 16.5mm apart for modelling 1,435 mm trains in HO and standard gauge tracks. The HO name comes from the scale being half the size of O scale.

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For HO gauge locomotives, there are main three varieties. Firstly, there are ready-to-run models which are ready to go straight out the box. This usually means trucks, couplers and other essential parts are put together in the factory, although some tiny parts may still need attaching.

Then there are shake-the-box kits which are simple-to-assemble kits. A freight train might come as a one-piece body, a with a chassis, couplers and weight, whilst a structure kit could also feature windows, walls, glazing and doors.

Finally, theres craftsman kits which need a lot of skill to assemble and can come in hundreds of parts. Alongside these kits, many manufacturers provide further supplies for kitbashing, super detailing and scratch building.

HO gauge railway track

The gauges used in HO scale are a mixture of narrow and standard gauges. The "gauge" of a rail system refers to the size of the gap between the inside edges of the railheads. Its actually slightly different to "scale", although the terms are often interchangeable in rail modelling. "Scale" describes the size of a model in relation to the real thing. Prototype rail systems incorporate several track gauges so that various gauges can be created using the same scale.

HO gauge model railway parts and accessories

From tunnels and bridges to people, figures, trees and scenery, there are all sorts of beautifully detailed HO gauge parts and accessories available to finish off your railway. You can also find handy replacement electrical parts to keep your locomotives running, like cabling, wires and fuseboxes too.