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HP Laptop Rear Lids

HP Laptop Rear Lid

HP Laptop Rear Lids are a useful buy for someone who has damaged their current laptop lid or wants a change of colour. The rear lids are one of the least expensive parts of a laptop to and whilst not easy, can be replaced at home by anyone. Many guides can be found online on the correct procedure.


HPs main laptop ranges are the Pavilion , ProBook, Mini and Compaq which all have standard rear lids. By making sure you have the matching product line, you can help ensure that the rear lid will be a good fit.

Not all lids are the same though and even within product lines there are various sizes of screen. The best way to make sure your chosen lid will definitely fit your laptop is to see if it is compatible with your model. Find your model number on the bottom, of your computer or in the instruction manual.

If your HP has an outward facing webcam (as many modern ones do) you will have to find a specific rear lid to accommodate this.

Colour and finish

There are a lot of different colours to choose from, especially in the HP range when compared to many other laptop manufacturers. From the official manufacturer you can find almost a dozen colours and unofficial custom rear lids come in an array of different themes and styles. Though most official covers sport the HP logo, there are plenty of examples with the Compaq logo as well as others.

The textures and finish change as well. Though the finish may be matte or glossy, the actual lids on some HP models can be textures to be bumpy or to reflect light. These all make good aesthetic choices for a new laptop rear lid.

Some HP compatible rear lids will have more interesting logos or will even have a checkered effect.