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HP desktops and all-in-one PCs

American technology company HP has been developing and distributing electronic products since the 1930s. Today, it boasts a wide range of hardware and software that's used all over the world, so whatever your home or workplace computer needs you'll find an impressive choice of both desktop and all-in-one PCs on eBay. 

HP desktop PCs

HP desktop PCs consist of a monitor and separate tower unit. In the past these sat on top of your desk (hence the name), however as the size of these tower units has increased into chunkier workstations they now tend to sit underneath the desk so that workspace can be maximised. However, the key benefit of a desktop PC is that size equals power, so you're far more likely to get a better performance overall. 

That said, you can still find smaller HP desktop units, while workstations are also gradually getting smaller in size and more slim-line so you can retain plenty of leg-room underneath your desk. 

HP all-in-one units

Unlike desktop PCs, HP all-in-one computers consist of a monitor only. This houses all of the essential computer components, thereby negating the need for a cumbersome tower and meaning that you don't have to accommodate too much equipment. HP Envy all-in-one PCs is a great example of this compact yet powerful style. 

Whichever piece of kit you decide on, you can refine your choice further by considering the specifications. When it comes to operating systems, Windows 7 and 10 are both popular choices, however, opt for a PC without an operating system if you're more comfortable installing your own. 

Likewise, pick from different HP models and product lines, including some of the brand's latest and most up-to-date releases. These will offer you different options in terms of hard drive capacities, ranging from 100GB up to a massive 2TB, which offers more than enough storage for all your documents, programmes and other files. You'll also find varied storage types and screen sizes for all-in-one computers.