Ham & Amateur Radio Transceivers

Ham Radio Transceivers

Ham radio transceivers are also often called amateur radios and utilise radio frequency to exchange messages and share communication among friends and hobbyists. Ham radio transceivers can be used for personal communication, meeting and talking to other radio enthusiasts. They can also be used to send vital information in an emergency. The possibilities can be endless, providing that people cooperate with the regulations that come with radio transmission.

Types of Ham Radio Transceivers

The location where you want to use your ham radio transceiver will depend on which device you purchase. For use at home, base or fixed ham radio transceivers are ideal. These radios are considered to be very powerful and capable of a range of functions. These ham radios are generally bigger than other types of transceivers, and with this, they have higher standby power requirements.

Another type of ham radio receiver is a portable transceiver, which is smaller and lightweight versions of the fixed or based transceivers. These portable radios are ideal for taking on the go or homes with less space.

Portable ham radio transceivers are typically designed to be used in limited power situations but will usually have a lower performance than base stations model variants.

For use in a vehicle, you can find mobile transceivers. These are typically high quality devices with FM voice utilising both VHF and UHF bands. Vehicle and mobile radio transceivers are ideal for drivers looking to send important information and will usually offer an improved quality compared to portable or handheld transceivers.

As well as portable transceivers, there is also an option for handheld systems which are incredibly versatile and are designed to be attached to you, perfect for using on the go. These types of handheld receivers will often have attachments to make them easier to carry on your belt or pocket safely. Typically, these devices will use rechargeable battery packs.