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Hammerite Metal Paint Uses and Application Tips

Whether bringing new life to an old back garden barbecue or painting a home's radiator, it's important to use the right paint. In these situations, the only paint solution that will work is a heat-resistant paint that doesn't require tons of prep work or a primer to use. You can easily find Hammerite metal paint available on eBay.

What is Hammerite paint used for?

Hammerite paint has an extensive variety of uses and applications. Hammerite metal paint is used on the exterior of items that require the use of heat-resistant paint. The paint can be used on a variety of items including:

  • Metal barbecues
  • Fire surrounds
  • Boilers
  • Pipework
  • Radiators
Can Hammerite paint be sprayed?

Yes, it is possible to use Hammerite paint in a commercial or professional spray gun. For proper application, the paint must be thinned and combined with brush cleaner and thinner to spray appropriately. The recommended mixture is two parts Hammerite metal pain and one part Hammerite brush cleaner and thinner.

It's vital to shake the spray gun well before beginning to spray objects. It's equally important to continue to shake the sprayer while spray painting to ensure an even colour is applied. When reloading the spray gun with more paint, the same formula must be used each time to ensure there's an even colour and colour match.

Is primer required before using Hammerite metal paint?

It depends on the application. When painting an object that requires a high temperature-resistant paint, it's not necessary to use a primer. The paint will go over most surfaces easily and dries quickly.

If using metal paint on bare wood, the wood will need to be primed to achieve an even colour without applying several coats of paint. The recommended primer for bare wood is an acrylic wood primer. It isn't necessary to prime painted wood, but it is necessary to sand painted wood objects to remove any gloss and other contaminants. After the item has been sanded to remove gloss, it must be washed with a diluted detergent and left to dry.

As far as rusty metal objects, rusty barbecues, pipework, and other things can be painted with Hammerite metal paint without a primer. Make sure to remove the flakes of the rust first.

What level of heat-resistance does Hammerite metal paint have?

Hammerite metal paint is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius. Up to this temperature, the paint is resistant to cracking and flaking.

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