Your Guide to Buying and Using Hanging Basket Brackets

Add a pop of colour and another layer of decoration in your landscape with hanging baskets. If you love the look of hanging baskets, you can easily create the look at your businesss entryway, on the street corner, or at your home with hanging basket brackets. eBay offers many options at affordable prices, so read on for the information that will help you make the right choice.

What kinds of hanging basket brackets are there?

On eBay, you can find many different sizes and designs from the simple, stainless-steel bracket to ornate French-cut brass ones. Some of the more common ones and their features include:

  • Decorative brackets: These are created with ornate designs that add to the overall look of your hanging basket. They may be made out of cast iron or brass.
  • Heavy-duty brackets: Heavy-duty brackets have more support against the wall, and many are also decorative.
  • Brackets for walls: This type is made to lay against a wall and be screwed into the wall.
  • Brackets for posts: These are commonly known as "hook-over-post" fixing brackets because they have a hook that wraps around the post, and they are screwed in. Just make sure that the size of the hook is suitable for the post you want to hang it on.
What are brackets for hanging baskets made of?

Brackets are often finished off with a colour, but the colour doesnt necessarily tell you what the material used to make the bracket is. Your options include:

  • Aluminium: These often have a simple elegant design. They are easy to care for because aluminium is weather friendly, so these brackets wont stain or rust. They may be painted and look like white hanging bracket baskets.
  • Cast iron: Cast-iron brackets often have an antique look. You can choose whether you want to go with an antique to plain black finish.
  • Stainless steel: High-grade stainless-steel brackets are long lasting and are generally very strong.
  • Copper: Brackets made from copper are more rare, but they are available and create a unique look.
  • Brass: French-cut brass hanging basket brackets are aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. Brass brackets are easy to identify because they retain their golden colour.
How do you choose brackets for hanging baskets?

Choosing brackets is a simple process, and the most important part is deciding on the location where you want to hang your basket. Knowing the location is important so that you know the size range for your brackets. In addition, if the location gets a lot of direct sunlight, you dont have to worry too much about how far out the bracket will come. If there isnt much direct sunlight, you may want to choose a bracket that comes out from the wall as far as possible.