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Harris Tweed Coats & Jackets for Men

Harris Tweed coats & jackets for men

There are few fabrics with the instant recognition and enduring reputation for quality as Harris Tweed. Distinctive, stylish and timeless, the material is most famous in the form of mens clothing. Harris Tweed coats and jackets for men are available in a range of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect piece for you. 


Tweed is a versatile material that looks good dressed up for an occasion or down for casual wear. Harris Tweed is made from the finest virgin wool, making it a great option for smarter occasions. A dark coat or jacket would be ideal for a winter wedding as the woollen material will keep the groom warm. 

For a smart day out with your mates, a Harris Tweed jacket looks dapper at the races. Theres a large selection of styles on eBay. If you just want something to throw on over your shirt, go for a coat. Youll also find sets available, including jacket, waistcoat and tie, ideal if youre getting dressed up as well as Harris tweed hats for added style. 

Style and colour

There are many different colours to choose from. A classic brown Harris Tweed jacket gives a rustic look. For something a little more modern and fresher, go for grey. Itll take you from day to night around town, whether youre working or out for dinner. 

Harris Tweed coats and jackets are available with either two or three buttons. Three will keep your jacket in place and looking smart, while two might feel a little less restrictive; it depends on your preference. 

Timeless appeal

There are few fabrics and clothing items that stand the test of time. Harris Tweeds distinctiveness ensures it stands out. Its simple yet well-made construction ensure that the fabric will not only withstand wear and tear but wont go out of fashion. And while trends come and go, a quality piece of outerwear is an investment piece that you can enjoy time and again.