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Heko Car Wind Deflectors

Heko wind deflectors for every car

Despite the name wind deflectors, Heko deflectors also help prevent rain entering a vehicle while its being driven in wet weather. Tinted deflectors can give a sporty finish to a car, and many car enthusiasts find that these handy car exterior body parts not only look smart but also reduce distracting noise when driving at higher speeds with the windows down. 

Top quality wind deflectors can significantly improve comfort while enduring a long distance journey, with genuine Heko deflectors designed to work well in both wet and dry conditions, whether theyre deflecting wind, rainwater or both. 

Increasing comfort in poor weather

The addition of deflectors improves both driver and passenger comfort. Deflectors along the top of windows will stop any rain dripping into a car when the door or window is open, which means even during wet weather its possible to enjoy a free flow of air through the vehicle. In slushy hail or snow, the deflection of snow or ice from the windows and cars can reduce the risk of any snow build-up getting into the car or onto passengers when entering or exiting the vehicles. 

A wind deflector for every model

Most cars are compatible with a particular type of Heko deflector. Youll find Ford wind deflectors alongside those designed to fit the Skoda Octavia. Because of this variety, not all sets will fit every car, so its important to know the exact model and year of car thats being fitted with deflectors. 

Usually found in pairs or sets of four, its possible to fit a car with all new parts, although if just a single deflector needs replacing it is possible to find an individual deflector. Most are easily installed inside the window channel and will reduce airflow noise and deflect water as soon as they are fitted.