Herman Miller Mirra Chair

How Herman Miller Mirra Chairs Make Work More Inviting

Where you sit is important if you want to get a lot done. If you have to second-guess yourself when sitting down, then you’re in position to start anew with a Herman Miller Mirra chair. Here’s a flexible seating arrangement with full body support and unbeatable choices on eBay.

Does Herman Miller make a professional chair?

Herman Miller produces a wide selection of office chairs, which includes its sought-after Mirra chair. These models take into account the long hours in the office, the many times you have to get up and then back down, and how you reach over or on a desk to complete your work. The manufacturer has managed to achieve comfort without making the science obvious in its sleek, unobtrusive design.

What can Mirra chairs do?

The Mirra office chair is designed to support your posture as you work. Its design puts your body into a healthy position, but without you having to exert much to hold that posture. This is very important because the bottom seat and the back support provided are formed into proven positions that your body needs. Just imagine a stool without support for your back; now imagine that you have spine support but in the formation your back needs to be in the most. Even adjustable armrests are used to find a suitable height for the work you do and where.

What makes Herman Miller Mirra chairs suitable for work?

Comfort is the central idea behind the Mirra chair. This idea is achieved through the following:

  • Rear tilt: The rear tilt is both adjustable and controlled. The controlled aspect stops you from tilting over while giving you the ability to rock back and forth to dissipate energy and to calibrate for the right fit. This adjustable feature gives you the option of stiffening the back for a feel you prefer and to limit the movements you can make.
  • 360-degree swivel: Being stationary while still having a peripheral view of your space is possible through a swivel bearing built into the chair. You can face one direction while working and turning 180-degrees in the opposite direction as you desire.
  • Mobile: Push, pull, or carry this chair on your shoulders, for you’ll find its lightweight construction easy to handle for women and men. This is possible through composite synthetics and a minimalist approach to design.
  • Aerated mesh: The mesh material of Mirra chairs is somewhat translucent and lets air pass through without challenges.
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