Home Cinema Systems

Amplify Your Home Audio with a Wireless Surround Sound System

If you want to enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home, try a wireless surround sound system. You can connect your wireless sound system to your TV and home entertainment centre, or use it strictly for audio with a CD player or digital receiver. You can choose from a wide range of wireless surround sound configurations on eBay, including new and pre-owned systems.

How does surround sound work?

Standard audio systems are designed to deliver sound in a single direction. This means you have to position the speakers and yourself to benefit from optimal audio. This isnt always ideal, especially if you like to sit in different areas of the room or if theres more than one person listening. Surround sound systems use multiple speakers and audio channels, which are designed to surround you and other listeners with high-fidelity audio. To achieve a surround sound experience, speakers are strategically placed.

What types of surround sound configurations and channels are available?

There are several wireless speaker system configurations that you can choose from when trying to decide which sound system is right for you. Here are the differences between some of the various setups:

  • 2.1 systems are three-channel systems that feature two stereo speakers and an additional subwoofer to deliver powerful bass.
  • 3.1 systems are four-channel systems that have three surround sound speakers and an LFE subwoofer for bass effects. Two wireless speakers are placed on the sides of the listener and a third is positioned centrally. The central speaker is primarily for dialogue while side speakers are designed to deliver stereo, music, and ambient audio.
  • 5.1 is the standard for digital broadcasting, and its the most common audio setup used for home cinema systems. These systems comprise six speakers, including five stereo channels and one LFE subwoofer for bass.
Which wireless surround sound configuration is right for you?

Deciding on the right sound system depends on your audio needs. If youre looking for a sound system to complete a full cinematic home entertainment setup, a 5.1 sound configuration will provide you with the truest surround sound experience. Wireless 2.1 and 3.1 systems are suitable for those who plan to listen to music more than watching movies. This is because most music is mixed in stereo. You should also consider the size of your room and the other components of your entertainment system.