Home Projector Screens

Installing a home projector screen is the ultimate way to make every movie a real event. Considering things like budget, the room it will be in, and your list of must-haves is the best way to kick-start your search. Measuring up the wall and making all the practical preparations like looking at ways to mount your screen is important too.

Once you have this all sorted, you can start shopping. You can stretch your budget by looking at used and refurbished items too if new products are a little too expensive.

Fixed Screens

If you want the screen to be up permanently, fixed screens are the ideal choice. As with any type of projector screen, youll need to think about size and shape, known as aspect ratios, to give you the best picture quality.

Different types of fixed screens products range from 5ft 16:9 ratio framed screens to 4:3 Velcro wall-mounted screens. Brands specialising in projectors screens like this include ACCO, Draper, Elite Screens, and Grandview. Prices vary from brand to brand so be sure to choose the appropriate brand to suit your budget.

Manual Screens

Manual screens allow you to pull it up and down as you need it. So, you can tidy it away without affecting the look of your room if needed. Generally, they have a spring-loaded mechanism that lets you pull it down to stop, then jerk it back to roll up into its housing.

Motorised Screens

Being able to control your screen with the touch of a button might be a big plus point for you. Motorised screens allow you to do just that. You can find affordable 100” 16:9 HD cinema projector screens, and top of the range PVC fabric, electric tab tension screens by brands such as Luxburg.