Home Security Locks

Remote Controlled Locks

The days of forgetting your keys and locking yourself out are a thing of the past thanks to the new generation of remote-controlled locks. And if you think you are simply swapping losing your keys for losing your remote control, then think again, because most modern remote control locks can be operated from your smartphone via BlueTooth.

Gate and Garage Locks

Remote control gate and garage locks give you the added convenience of not having to leave your car to gain access to your property, especially when it is dark or raining. Simply operate the lock by remote and continue on your way.

Single Door Locks

Remote control locks can be bought for individual doors, with the most popular systems being magnetic plate locks. These can withstand a force of 600lbs making your door as secure as it would be with any traditional mortice or Yale lock.

Complete Home Security Systems

You can arrange your entire home security system with remote control locks, giving you complete control from your phone. This is not only very convenient but also gives you the peace of mind of being able to monitor your home security when you are away from the premises.

Remote Control Padlocks

These days, remote locking technology has become small enough and cheap enough to fit into individual padlocks, once again removing the need for easily lost or forgotten keys.

Ideal for Accessibility

While for most of us, remote control locks are a convenience, for some they are an essential. People with disabilities, who are unable to manipulate keys and locks or who cannot get close enough to the locks in the first place, gain a welcome control from remote-controlled locks. These systems give them both a level of access and a level of personal security that simply would not be possible with conventional locks.