Home Storage Solutions

Home Storage Solutions

As the material demands of modern society increase, so too does our need for innovative and space saving storage solutions. We need to create extra space and we need it to look good. Thankfully theres lots of choice!

For those keeping it simple, storage boxes are great solutions for childrens toys, books and games. Available in a range of materials, from hard wearing plastic to more aesthetically pleasing wood and wicker, storage boxes can be bought in all shapes and sizes to fit in closets, under beds and to stack in empty corners.

Too many clothes and shoes? Shoe racks and extra clothes rails are the obvious answer. From two-tier shoe racks for 10 pairs of shoes to 10 tier shoe racks for 60+ pairs, you can choose a simple shelf design that shows off your prized possessions or a canvas fronted zipped unit that keeps the dust out. Extendable or fixed dimension clothes rails give you some extra hanging space in the bedroom and are also the perfect solution for displaying your wares if you are going to car boot or garage sales.

For those with a little more space to spare, filling your home with storage units, either in metal, plastic, wood or wicker, can create lots of different storage options. From drawers and shelves to brightly decorated toy boxes there is something to suit and optimise every space. Bright colours, innovative shapes and different sizes mean you can find something to fit almost any space in a design that will complement your room.

The variety of home storage solutions that are available is almost endless. Coat hooks offer an easy way to hang outdoor garments out of sight behind doors, magazine racks help to keep newspapers and magazine piles to a minimum, plastic buckets in all shapes and sizes have a range of uses from pet food to recyclables and an umbrella stand in the hallway not only keeps the umbrellas in one easy place but stops water from dripping.