Honda Electric Pressure Washers

Spray Your Driveway and Sidewalks Clean With a Honda Pressure Washer

Honda Pressure washers can clean many outdoor items so that your property looks cleaner and newer for longer. Shop on eBay to find some great deals.

What can a Honda pressure washer clean?

Honda pressure washers can be used to clean many outdoor items, such as the following:

  • Concrete: Whether you need them for commercial or private property, pressure washers can be used to spray off dirt and even mould and mildew.
  • Fences: Vinyl fences look much brighter when theyre free of dirt. You can use a Honda pressure washer on a setting that evenly disperses the water flow.
  • Decks: When theyre dirty, wooden decks can look worn-out. Keep the stream of water moving to not cut into the wood. Also, try in on a lower setting first.
What kind of fuel does a pressure washer run on?

Honda pressure washers either use gasoline or electricity as their source of fuel. An advantage to electric power washers is that you dont need to buy gas. You also dont have to worry about accidental carbon monoxide poisoning when working in a confined space. A disadvantage is that you need to remember to bring an extension cord if you need to use the pressure washer away from an electrical outlet.

What features do Honda pressure washers have?

The types of features can vary by model, but some common features include:

  • Hose: The hose is usually between 3 metres and 10 metres long.
  • Wheels: These are not on all models, but they are useful if you plan on transporting the power washer or if it is a larger, heavier model.
  • Nozzles: This is the part of the pressure washer that controls the pressure and shape of the stream of water. Rotary jets provide a powerful jet of water that rotates in circles, making it ideal for cleaning concrete. Theres also the variable fan-jet and fixed jet. Check which kind youre getting because each one is good at certain jobs.
  • Attachment storage: These are useful for keeping all of the attachments in one location so that they dont get lost or damaged.
What Honda engine models are available on pressure washers?

Some of Hondas models include:

  • GX 390: This is a midsize engine thats great for commercial work.
  • GX 140: This is a smaller engine on units that are portable and work well for residential work.
  • GC 190: Available on the Karcher pressure washer, its ideal for residential work.