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Hornby Pullman OO Gauge Model Collectable Railway Coaches

Hornby Pullman OO gauge model railway coaches

Add something new to your model railway with a Hornby Pullman OO gauge model railway coach from this range. Founded in the late 19th century, the Pullman Company revolutionised railroad travel by manufacturing luxury sleeper cars that made overnight travel much more comfortable for passengers. 

These famous Pullman coaches have been recreated in OO gauge scale by Hornby, so its easy to add one to your own model railway for a touch of historic style. 

From the beginning

In this range, there are loads of Pullman OO gauge coaches for your model railway, which are completed to a high standard. The first few Hornby Pullman cars were manufactured in 1975, and were modelled on the Queen of Scots model Pullman cars of 1928. 

If youd like to look out for originals of these models, go for the R223 Parlour Car or the R233 Brake Parlour Car, which are recognisable by their monocoque body and an underframe with no truss rods. Or, go for the updated versions of these original models, the R4312 and the R4313, which have been incorporated into the Railroad range. 

Attention to detail

For those who love the little details, look out for the super detailed Pullman coaches by Hornby. Beautifully painted in sophisticated livery designs, these coaches would look great on any OO gauge track. Beginning in 2003 with the K class cars, Hornby introduced OO gauge model railway coaches with working lights and illuminated interiors. Look out for Parlour Cars, Kitchen Cars, Brake Parlour Cars and even a Bar Car to add to your collection. 

Another amazing super detail Hornby Pullman is the Observation Car from the J class range, known also as R4377. Recognisable by its many-windowed design, this Hornby OO gauge model railway coach is perfect for adding something a little unusual to your collection, and it would look great alongside your other Hornby Pullman coaches.