Horse Trailers & Horseboxes

Horse Trailer and Horseboxes

A wide range of horse trailers and horseboxes are available as new and used items which are suitable to transport horses and tack safely and securely. A selection of accessories and parts for horse trailers and horseboxes can also be purchased for spares or repair.

Horse trailers and horseboxes are a vital part of equestrian life when competing regularly in local, national or international shows or events. Horseboxes are available in a large choice of designs and are stalled for 2, 3 and 4 horses and more and can be purchased from up to 3.5 tons, 6.5-7.5 tons and, in large-scale HGV style horseboxes, over 7.5 tons.


If you are on the road a lot, horse and rider will benefit from a living horsebox which incorporates living accommodation of varying sizes and specs. Basic models have a separate changing area and secure area to store tack and larger, more luxurious versions have sleeping cabins and fully fitted kitchens with all amenities for extra comfort over longer journeys. In such cases carefully consider your payload (the amount of weight you can legally put in your horsebox) as the more extras in your horsebox (such as TV, microwave, fridge etc.) the heavier it will be.

Horse Trailers

A selection of horse trailers can be found and are available from leading manufacturers such as Ifor Williams, RICE and Bateson. Designed to transport your animals safely, many horse trailers are enclosed to protect horses from the elements. Many trailers have windows for ventilation in hot weather and enough protection for insulation in the colder months.

Forward facing, back ramp horse trailers are popular choices which typically offer space to comfortably house two horses. Many new and used horse trailers have bumper pulls which attach to the rear of a vehicle and fit onto a hitch or the more spacious horse trailers with gooseneck pulls which actually attach to the vehicle pulling it, becoming part of the vehicle.