Protective horse turnout rugs

When the weather starts to get a little cooler, horse turnout rugs will help to keep your horse warm and snug. They also protect your horse from annoying flies in the spring and summer months and help to keep them dry when it rains. You can find horse turnout rugs in a selection of colours, sizes and styles and with a range of different features. Choose from well known equestrian brands including Amigo, Masta and Rhinegold here on eBay. 

Turnout rugs

Waterproof and breathable, turnout rugs will protect your horse from cold weather and rain. Choose from a wide range of colours including blue, pink, purple and red horse turnout rugs as well as those with fun prints and patterns. You can also find horse turnout rugs with reflective strips for added visibility. 

Most horse turnout rugs are constructed from durable yet comfortable materials providing a snug fit for your horse. Look out for turnout rugs with a detachable hood and a tail strip for added protection. Or, for added comfort, choose a turnout rug with an expandable belly and front flap and leg arches. If your horse needs an extra layer of protection under rugs are a great choice. They provide your horse with additional warmth without restricting movement. 

Fly rugs and summer sheets

Fly rugs help to protect your horse from annoying flies during the warmer months. Made from lightweight materials, fly rugs will also protect your horse from rain without them getting too hot. Most fly rugs have fixed neck protection and others have mesh panels to allow airflow. Summer sheets can be used as an underlayer under other rugs, as a light sheet in warm weather or as travel rug. Most are made from a polyester, breathable material allowing moisture to escape, keeping your horse dry and some even have nylon lined shoulders to help prevent rubbing.