Hot Foil Printing Supplies

Applying metallic foil to printed items is a sure fire way of catching the eye. Metallic foil for printing, embossing, stamping and blocking is readily available at affordable prices and in a range of different colours.

Toner Foil Printing

Toner foil is hot foil used to create metallic foiled designs on toner printed paper. The materials are inexpensive and the method of creating the art is cheap too and its taking arts and crafts by storm. The process starts with a design that has been printed onto paper using a laser printer.

The foil is then cut to size and placed over the laser print. A sheet of paper is put on top of the foil and the combined paper and foil sandwich is passed through a laminator or dedicated heating device. The toner ink melts, sticking the foil to the paper. Where foil sticks to the toner and thus the foil design is created.

Toner foil (sometimes called laser foil) is available in the widest range of satin, glitter, metallic, holographic and printed metallic finishes. It also comes in widths and lengths to suit all avid crafters' requirements. Laminators and dedicated heating devices tailored to toner foil printing are also available and feature alongside toner foil collections.

Hot Foil Printing

Hot foil stamping, marking, blocking and printing is most commonly associated with professional printers. However, arts and crafters who wish to take their passion to the next level will be delighted to find a range of manual and digital hot foil stampers that provide the opportunity to apply foil to a range of objects above and beyond smooth paper.

As well as the traditional gold, silver and copper foils, hot foil for printing comes in a wide range of colours and finishes that will add style to special occasions cards, wallet initials, notebook and journal covers and any one of a thousand other items that are suitable for the application of foil.