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Hoya Camera Lenses

Hoya Camera Lenses

Hoya started as Japans first speciality manufacturer of optical class and has since become the leader of innovation in advanced optics technologies such as electro-optics, photonics and photography. Choosing a Hoya camera lens or a lens filter is fairly simple; you just need to bear in mind a couple of factors before buying.

Focal length

The average camera lens has a wide variety of focal lengths measured in millimetres, which is the distance between the focus and the sensor. The higher the measurement, the higher the magnification; whereas, the lower the measurement, the wider the field of view.

Lower focal lengths are generally ideal for wide angles such as landscapes, but they can also be suitable for large interiors such as cathedrals or great halls. Higher focal lengths are great at picking out detail on smaller objects such as insects, flowers or jewellery. It is also ideal for HD photography and is popular among portrait photographers. Lenses vary widely in quality and cost, so researching a particular lens closely is always advised.

Macro lenses

Macros or close up photography, although it means slightly different things to different photographers, is basically when photographs are taken very close to the subject or at a high level of zoom. These lenses screw into the front of a camera and they function as a supplementary accessory. They reduce the minimum focus distance, enabling close up photographs of subjects.

Vintage lenses

As Hoya have been around since 1941, their products are generally built to last. Vintage camera lenses contain fewer features and auto-assistance modules, which means that they rely more on a photographers flair and skill than on technology. Many photographers relish this challenge, whereas many others who use them just enjoy the look and feel.