Hp Pavilion G6 Screen

Repairing Your Laptop with a Replacement HP Pavilion G6 Screen

Damage to the screen of your HP Pavilion G6 can compromise its functioning severely, but a replacement is an effective solution to faulty monitors. Fortunately, an HP Pavilion G6 screen is not hard to find. With the right parameters, you can get an LCD monitor on eBay that matches your particular Pavilion G6 model.

How can you pick the right HP Pavilion G Series screen?

Some factors matter more than others when it comes to buying a replacement screen because they help you streamline the selection process. A few aspects to keep in mind include:

  • Resolution: The total number of pixels in an HP screen will determine the quality of the picture. Know the resolution of the old monitor for reference as a mismatch of the screen resolution will affect the functioning of your machine.
  • Screen size: To avoid getting a 15" screen for a 15.6" G6, get the right size of your HP laptop. The size of a computer monitor is calculated diagonally, so you can measure it if you are unsure of the exact specs.
  • Connector: Different LCD screens use connectors that vary in size and pin count while others have proprietary connectors. Check that you dont get a screen with a 40-pin connector for an HP Pavilion with a 30-pin connector.
What are the different types of laptop backlight?

Any process of buying a laptop screen should be after factoring in the right backlight type. Cold cathode fluorescent light is an old technology that is almost obsolete. Most laptops have LED LCD screens, meaning that light emitting diodes provide the lighting. LED is preferred due to its energy efficiency. Ensure that you get an HP G6 screen with the same backlight as the old one.

What is the screen model number and why should it matter?

Two laptops of a similar make and model can have different types of screens. When you are getting an HP Pavilion G6 screen, check that the model number matches that of your old monitor. The screen number is used to identify the resolution, backlight, and size of the monitor. This number is usually on the back of the screen on most laptops. If yours is not visible, you can confirm with the manufacturer or check the specifications of the computer. With the screen number of your Pavilion G6, getting a replacement is less complicated because you can order it directly.

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