ID Card Printers

ID Card Printers

Almost every company, college or organisation have ID cards for security and safety reasons. And of course, all these cards came from a printer. ID card printers are a must-have for most places, particularly places like colleges or universities where new students are in and out. 

What you should look for

You wouldnt have an ID card printer if you didnt need to use it a lot. The minimum quota for ID card printers is the ability to print at least 500 cards a day. This should be easy because most printers can print at least 150 cards in one go. Keep it simple with a built-in laminator so that no extra effort is required and people can get on with their job. 

Print method options should also be available in more modern ID card printers. The ability to print only the card face alone or both sides of the ID card is important, as most companies add barcodes to the back of their ID cards to make scanning in and out easy and manageable. As mentioned about the barcodes, encoding should be available on most modern printers. This means the ability to add holograms, barcodes, smart card features or RFID, the latter of which boost the price of ID card printers up. This helps keep security tight and everything looking professional. 

What is available

The most well-known ID card printers are manufactured by Canon, Datacard, Zebra, Magicard, and much more. The Magicard Enduro3e printer model has been praised for its security, as it has the ability to add to add a Holokote mark to every card printed, which reduces the risk of a card being cloned. On the other hand, Fargo models have been complimented on their high definition, with the ability to print at 300dpi. There are many more options available, with some printers going up to 600dpi or printing 200 to 300 cards in one session.