Industrial Dumpers

Industrial dumpers come in a range of variations. Starting with mini dumpers and power barrows, through to medium sized dumpers commonly seen on construction sites right up to huge rear tipping dumper vehicles present in quarries or around major earthwork projects. The overwhelming majority of dumpers in the industrial dumper category are low to mid capacity models.

Choosing the Right Dumper

Choosing the right dumper depends on the volume of material that will need to be transported and dumped. Hand pushed mini dumpers have capacities of around 400-500kg. Industrial dumpers with capacities of anything from one to ten tonnes come with either fixed base forward tipping, high lift mechanisms or 90-degree swivel mechanisms which are ideal for congested sites. There are also slimline dumpers and some even come with hydraulic hook-ups for powering external tools and machinery.

Two Wheel or Four Wheel Drive

Some industrial dumpers have two wheel drive whilst others come with four. The latter is normally more stable and better performing with heavier loads over rough terrain whilst two wheel drive dumpers are highly efficient otherwise.

Buying a Used Industrial Dumper

Buying second hand can prove very economical. However, there are a few rules of thumb to bear in mind and these start with the length of use. Length of use is measured in hours and it's best to be cautious of any dumper that has exceeded 10,000 hours. It makes sense as the longer a dumper has been used, the more wear and tear it will accumulate.

One must-do engine test is to get on the dumper, put it in the highest gear and drive it up a steep incline. And finally, try lifting several different load weights. Dumpers that have regularly been overloaded may have suspension problems and this test will show that up.