Industrial Dust Extractors

Dust Extraction Hoses for a Cleaner Shop

Dust seems to accumulate everywhere in shops. Clean your area with a specialty dust extraction hose made for your kind of dust. Shop new and used dust extraction hoses right here on eBay.

Are there wet and dry dust extraction hoses?

Yes, there are all kinds of models made only for wet and dry applications. You will find all kinds and colours of filters to go along with your choice of dust extraction hose on eBay. The filters also make a difference in the type of suction available, so try a few versions out to see which one works to your preference. Wind speeds for filters measure and show on most listings, but you can always ask for the specifications if they are not listed. Also, be sure to purchase a wet or dry filter to go with the type of dust extraction hose you want.

What options are there for materials?

Dust extraction hoses often come in plastic, but there are a few stainless steel versions available. The plastic ones tend to be a flexible dust extraction hose. You will find that there are pieces available for wired dust extraction kits as well as the mobile types. You will find wired dust extraction housed in the building with a framework and may include extra filters. They can offer a lower volume as well as higher suction. These are more likely to have a steel hose.

Do you need a special dust filter for these hoses?

Yes, you should always get a dust filter that comes with specifications for your type of dust. Some dust filters are also extractors and separators, so they will take the dust out and put it in its own container. You can then see what causes the dust in your shop if you dont already know. It is critical to get it out of the shop in a timely fashion to keep your lungs healthy. Dustless shops also make varnishing and machines work much easier. Its also a good idea to vacuum with a dust extraction hose because dust can hide in out of the way places and is not always easy to see. Therefore, being diligent about using a dust extraction hose will keep your projects running smoothly and you healthier over the long haul, even if you dont notice the dust right away. Many things can contribute to dust, whether it is visible or not. Some of the special types of shop dust are:

  • Woodworking dust
  • Micous clays
  • Metal dust
  • Micro dust
  • Wet dust

Top Products in Industrial Dust Extractors

  • Charnwood DC50 High Filtration Dust Extractor 50 Litre With a 4pce Adaptor Kit
  • Woodworking Woodturning Charnwood W691 Dust Extractor 2hp With Twin Inlets
  • DEWALT Dwv902m M class Next Generation Dust Extractor 1400 Watt 230 Volt
  • Mirka 1230 L Class PC 230v Dust Extractor Vacuum Machine With Hose
  • Festool CTL Mini CLEANTEC Mobile Dust Extractor 240v 575258
  • scheppach HA1000 Dust Extractor With Reducer Kit 240v
  • Woodworking Charnwood W692 Twin Bag Dust Extractor
  • Festool CTL MIDI GB 240V Dust Extractor 575265
  • Festool 499704 Longlife Filter Bag for CTL Midi
  • Makita VC3211MX1 240 V M Class Dust Extractor
  • Festool Ct Pre separator Ct va 20 204083