Industrial Generators

Industrial Generators

Industrial generators are fantastic pieces of equipment to have installed on site, in case a situation arises where your building loses power. In emergencies, they can be used to provide a backup source of electricity and can help ensure a business continues as usual.

They can also act as the only source of power in locations that are isolated from the main grid or in critical environments, such as hospitals where staff and patients rely on a constant supply of electricity.

Choosing an Industrial Generator

There are thousands of new and used industrial strength generators from leading brands including Honda, PRAMAC, KIPOR, Perkins, Yamaha and Loncin. Depending on your requirements, stationary, modular and mobile generators are available.

Stationary generators tend to be the biggest in size and are placed in a fixed location on site. Modular generators will enable you to be flexible with how much power supply you need over time while mobile generators can be used in various locations on a temporary basis.

Youll have a choice between diesel, petrol and gas powered generators. Diesel is a popular choice as its not susceptible to freezing in cold weather and is typically more efficient than petrol, offering more energy per litre.

Petrol is most commonly used in mobile generators due to the wide availability of this fuel type. Liquid propane and natural gas options are also available, however, they are not capable of producing as much power as their diesel and petrol counterparts.

Industrial generators come in numerous sizes up to that of a small power plant. The size you select will vary depending on the requirements of the facility where you intend to install it. Whichever type of industrial generator you choose, its advisable to invest in slightly more capacity than you think youll need to ensure youll always have sufficient power.

Top Products in Industrial Generators

  • Briggs & Stratton (030700) Petrol Portable Inverter Generator Powersmart Series P2200 and
  • Petrol Electric Key Start Generator 3000w 3.8kva 4 Stroke UK 8hp Bohmer Wx3800e
  • Spare Repair Switzer Petrol Generator | 2.8kw 4 Stroke 6.5hp Gasoline Dual Volt
  • Inverter Generator Senci SC2000I Yamaha Caravan 2kw Quiet Petrol 2 Year
  • Hyundai 6kva 5.2kw Single Phase Silenced Diesel Generator DHY6000SE
  • Inverter Generator 3200w Remote Start Hyundai HY3200SEI 0 Hours Use
  • Hyundai Portable 2000w Petrol Inverter Suitcase Generator HY2000SI
  • Hyundai HY1000SI Portable Petrol 1000w Inverter Suitcase Generator
  • Hyundai Diesel 6kw Silenced Long Run Electric Start Generator
  • AutoJack 800w 2.6hp 4 Stroke Petrol Inverter Generator 240v
  • Ford Camping Caravan FG2500IS Petrol Inverter Generator
  • Evolution Gen2800 Evo system Generator Output 2.4kw
  • Honda EU10I 1.0kw Portable Generator